The pursuit of promoting the participation of women in mathematics is taking place not only in Latin America, but in many parts of the world. For example, this goal is shared with the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO). The EGMO is officially oriented to European countries. Some countries outside this region can participate as invited countries under certain restrictions, that includes paying inscription fees. The geographic proximity of countries in Europe facilitates their participation, since they require a smaller travel budget. These costs are too expensive for many Pan American countries, whence reducing them would be a critical factor in order to decide to participate in a women's mathematical contest.

Countries like Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, and Peru have participated at EGMO and their participation has had a great positive impact for girls in these countries. It has motivated them to approach mathematics and it allowed them to find joy in doing so, and this experience has contributed to build character that allows them to deal with new situations.

With a similar motivation, and with the intention of achieving a profound and positive impact in our international region, the idea of working on a regional and international contest for girls, called Pan-American Girls' Mathematical Olympiad (PAGMO) has been proposed and developed. The aforementioned project has been pursued by people from countries participating at the EGMO. The first PAGMO was organized in 2021. It was a virtual event, organized by women from 5 different countries: Ana Paula (Ecuador), Elisa (España), Ana Beatriz (Brasil), Natalia (Chile) and Isabel (México).

The format of this international olympiad is similar to the EGMO. This competition is to be held annually, and every year a host organization will be chosen to be in charge of carrying out the olympiad. Each delegation will be formed by 4 students, a Deputy Leader and a Leader. Delegations can be accompanied by Observers.