Pan American Girls' Mathematical Olympiad

The Pan American Girls' Mathematical Olympiad (PAGMO) is an international mathematics competition for girls, similar to EGMO, with two papers taken place on consecutive days. PAGMO has the potential to have a positive impact for girls and women in the math olympiad community, including:

  • Creating opportunities for women to test their mathematical potential and, at the same time, representing their country. The second point helps to highlight women's achievements in regional mathematical competitions.

  • It provides a space where participants can get along more easily and strengthen their confidence in their mathematical work.

  • It boosts motivation for a better performance in training and national competitions.

  • They will meet their peers from other countries.

The opportunity to share with women from different cultures with other ways to appreciate mathematics and to solve problems, can be highly beneficial in a broad sense. For instance, enabling enjoyable conversations about mathematics and science in general, can motivate girls to look for new literature, to approach problems from other mathematical contests, and to entertain the possibility of pursuing academic programs in science in their home country or abroad. In addition, it enables interactions where girls can share ideas about their own culture, way of life, challenges and quirks. Despite living in different countries, they might become colleagues or friends in the future.