Annual Regulations

A.1. The 2nd Pan American Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (PAGMO 2022) will not have a Host Country and will be held virtually.

A.2. The Official Program should begin on October 24th of 2022 and end on October 31st of 2022.

A.3. The Organization of PAGMO 2022 is in charge of the following committee:

  • Ana Beatriz Studart, Brazilian Math Tournament for Girls of the Brazilian Math Olympiad.

  • Ana Paula Indacochea, Equatorian Math Olympiad

  • Ana Paula Chaves, Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad

  • Denisse Alejandra Escobar Parra, Mexico City Mathematical Olympiad

  • Isabel Hubard, Instituto de Matemáticas, UNAM

A.4. The Contest papers for PAGMO 2022 are held on October 26th and October 27th of 2022. Contestants shall not conclude their pre-university education before December 1st of 2023, nor have turned 18 years before October 24th of 2022.

A.5. Teams wishing to participate for the first time must apply to participate should send a solicitation to the Host Organization stating the intended team size through the email until August 21st of 2022. Since the Host Organization can receive only a limited number of teams, their applications will be confirmed or declined by the beginning of September of 2022.

A.6. The deadline to confirm participation is September 5th, 2022. The detailing of the teams’ compositions must be informed before October 3rd of 2022.

A.7. Proposals for problems must be sent to the PAGMO Problem Selection Committee, at before September 12th of 2022.

A.8. A document will be sent, to be signed, either by the participants or their parents, agreeing that any photograph, video, half taken during the celebration of PAGMO 2022 may be published on the official website of the contest, as well as on their social networks.

A.9. Instructions about the exams application mode and coordinations will be sent out in late September.